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  • Think about the future of communication. How effective is social media in the private sector? What if your company had the ability to translate and link that type of communication success to your work tools and provide you with a dedicated cloud network?  
  • Keep all work contained and confidential. 
  • Assign contract workers or third parties a dedicated User ID and provide access to specific tools. 
  • Link your attorneys, landmen or royalty owners, just as you desire, using LEMS' stackable network system.
  • Control and keep your company's data secure and out of the competitors view. . 

LEMS Founder and Software Architect Nancy Holt Curtis


  • Nancy is a 1988 Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Oklahoma who in 1991 earned a Juris Doctorate from a tier-1 ranked law school, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • She has received numerous academic awards and earned the recognition of; i2E, the State of Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma, Spirit Bank and many others.  
  • Her passion is this company, LEMS.

Nancy Holt Curtis, Founder and Software Architect

  • ncurtis@lems.us

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LEMS is a Stackable Cost Effective Software

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  • LandMasters (LEMS) is an integrated oil and gas exploration communication system that internally shares complex land and royalty data between dispersed land professionals with impressive tools and features. IT'S NEW. 
  • With LEMS, upstream oil and gas exploration has become more accurate and less stressful.  Perform Calculations for Complex Ownership interests, manage and share information related Acquisitions and Mergers with the buyer or seller or just create basic ownership reports.
  •  Manage Upstream Exploration and Production reports by properly imputing data and then direct that information to the appropriate report filter for a virtually stress free presentation of cumulative data.      
  • LEMS is a stackable network system providing a fully functional operating standalone which can be set up to operate together with one or more other network switches narrowing its scope to provide only what is necessary for your company and making it cost effective.


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Will be ready to launch in 2020!

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LandMasters Energy Management Systems (LEMS)

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LEMS What?




  • LandMasters (LEMS) creatively designed and integrated a land management suite and it’s a game changer. 
  •  While the collection of data during the exploration for oil and gas has been conducted the same way for over one hundred years, most Landmen now communicate using cell phones, pads, emails, texts and many use Excel for calculations. Times have changed, but - there is still no one resource available for explorers. You need flexibility.  Login to a LEMS secure cloud network and input, organize and share complex data. No problems, use LEMS.

Upcoming event - Launch date set for March 17, 2010

  • LandMasters (LEMS) has engaged in several years of research of oil and gas exploration during the Bakken Oil & Gas Boom and Decline between 2008 and 2014-16.  Resulting is some important revisions to the calculation segment of the LEMS program which now accounts for Oil & Gas Mergers and Acquisitions, enhanced reports and communication methods.
  • We have retained a cloud systems engineer for additional infrastructure support and security. These revisions have significantly impacted the original 2011 software and its updates. A new launch is expected on 03/17/2020 and will match the current trends in our the industry.

A Need for LandMasters

  • Research shows that sixty-five percent of landmen are under thirty-five years old, while the rest are fifty-five and older. Further a Microsoft survey found 73% of those who responded are ready for software technology in the upstream market.
  •  To address this technology gap LEMS provides a cost control application for E&P land management providing communication, collaboration and calculation tools for regionally dispersed land professionals or royalty owners. 
  • This one resource unites diverse team members by allowing the transfer of information directly into the web where projects are near-instantly updated for review 
  • Operators can drill down and know, on a daily basis; who is working and who is not, how many acres have been leased and how much it cost, what interest a Land Owner owns and in what plot of land. The basic format of this information will rapidly advance projects and provide accountability. 
  • Royalty Owners have many options too. For example, they can ask to become a user on an Operators LEMS account for information directly affecting their individual interest in a producing or non-producing well. Or, they can directly purchase LEMS to help manage their Royalty Interests and add others as wanted or needed. Upload; Property Records such as Deeds and Assignments, Division Orders, Probate Documents or anything that relates to ownership.